This is a big thank you for giving me two wonderfully awesome support workers, namely Lovyn and Clare. 
They complement each other perfectly, both showing good professionalism with a lovely friendly approach. 
They are both always ready with a sincere listening ear and show me they care with their empathetic responses and sound guidance when I am distressed. 
They are very hard workers and help me a lot with the things I cannot do but I always try to do things myself or together with them. 
I am always greeted with a smile and they are excellent time keepers as well, which helps with my anxieties. 
Thank you for giving them to me. 
Service User 
I would like to once again say that without Breakforth, and particularly your efforts, my father wouldn’t have been able to spend the last 12 weeks within his own home. The support you have offered has been delivered in a professional yet personal manner for which I would like to extend my warmest thanks. 
Son of Service User 
Thanks for all the help you have given me. This has been by far the best care I have ever had. When you first met me, I was really at a bad place with my mental health. I had had support from other agencies, but it did not work for me. And then Sam came to support me. From the first day she walked in, she changed everything for me and, that day, my recovery started. I was listened to and Sam worked with me in such a way that she motivated me to start moving forward. You run a very good service; very modern and forward-thinking. 
Service User 
I am not very good at writing feedback, but all I can say about the support I receive is that it is all good, good, good. 
Service User 
All I can say is the the service is all ok for me and Jane is very nice 
Service User 
Long Stratton 
The agency is very proactive and when it discovered that one of my service users has children, it made every effort to train staff in the area of working with children. 
BreakForth employees have worked professionally with this service user with children and another one with alcohol dependency. The Agency has worked over and beyond their remit with these services users. Their motto, “Positive about mental health” does what it says. People with a mental health diagnosis are treated as people with encouragement towards social inclusion. 
It’s been an enormous blessing having this agency that can work in and around the villages of South Norfolk where services are few and far between. 
I would highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for positive mental health care support. 
Mental Health Professional 
I like the continuity and kindness shown to me on each visit. Always so helpful and caring, nothing is too much trouble or impossible. 
Service User 
I have found BreakForth to be very professional and accommodating in how it has worked with the service users whom I have referred. 
Support workers have been extremely caring and supportive of the individuals and their families with whom they have been involved; they have engaged with my service users with sensitivity and creativity and shown resilience in difficult circumstances, working hard to promote positive change, both to the person’s physical as well as to their emotional environment. They have shown respect for my service users’ views yet also flagged up any safeguarding concerns appropriately. BreakForth has worked collaboratively with other services and made every effort to attend important review meetings. 
Mental Health Professional 
The service user felt listened to and they felt that everything they wanted to happen was captured. You are good at what you do. 
Mental Health Nurse 
Thanks for believing in me. I had given up on life, but you have made me start dreaming and aspiring again. 
Service User 
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